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Hola, soy abogada en España


Como dice el título, estoy aquí para ayudaros en las dudas que podáis tener, Cambio de nombre, problemas con los bancos, etc. Esto lo hago gratis total, si tienes un problema más serio y tiene que ver con LGTB+ hago probonos.

Gracias por publicar en el sub foro en español. Tenemos muchas personas aquí que hablan español como su primer idioma. Los errores de traducción a veces causan errores.

Ya que solo has estado aquí en Susan's Place durante algunas semanas, ¿puedes contarnos un poco más sobre ti?

Of course Rachel. I have a law degree from the UNED. It's not fancy like an Ivy league title, but makes me able to do legal counseling. I live in a rural area and I have this shop with a partner. Well, the shop is now closed and I don't know when we can open if we can open again. I have a lot of free time now, but I am in order with my payments with the bar and legal counsel is a constitutional right. So I am taking cases involving LGTB rights for free. Also dealing with TG issues like name changes. Name changes here are not like in the US or UK. In order to have your birth certificate changed you need to to be on hrt for 2 years, with a letter from your GP or other health professional. Once you have your birth certificate changed you can have your ID card changed. Not before. Yeah, law is bad here, lot of red tape and bureaucracy. One of the reasons I studied law.

On the brighter side, once your birth certificate is changed is changed for good. Your dead name is sealed and cannot be used except with a court order.

Edit: In some regions in Spain you can have your health card name changed right away. No waiting for the birth certificate. This is when a lawyer can be of help. Like I said is free counseling. I wish I would have the meanings to produce a vaccine, but this is the less I can do to help other people.


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