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Seeing Yourself as Female


I must have been around 9 years old when I first saw lovely female genitals. Since then I have had numerous desires to have the same. My wife gave up penetrative sex over 11 years ago due to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse; thus I have not had any use for those disgusting male parts. They are only disgusting looking and a great inconvenience. Still wish I could have those lovely female genitals. :angel:

How is it going Mac1?

I noticed that your are somewhat up there in years, similar to myself. I am a late transitioner, having GCS about 4 years ago at age 66. I knew I wanted this since I was a teenager. I delayed my transition for various reasons. We all need to make our own decisions.

So, I  have to ask, are you still in the "wishing" phase or are you about to do something about your feelings?


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