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My feelings relative to religion.


Hi everyone. I am writing this thread mostly because I have some feelings relative to religion that I am not sure if others may have as well or if it's just me. I was raised in the Catholic church. I used to go to church a lot as a child and was even in CCD classes until I was confirmed in the 7th grade. I continued going to church until I was about 20 or 21 years old.
I think that what happened was when I began transitioning to female at 18 years old, I think that my parents were starting to see that my religious beliefs were changing and that church just might not be for me. It is nice of them to allow me to have my own personal practices relative to religion. However, things didn't go so well with my aunt on that front. I haven't spoken to my aunt in about 5 years.
I consider myself to be spiritual. I have some things I struggle to understand about religion. Through going to Catholic church myself, I have personally found the teachings to be pretty anti-female and not exactly the kind of place that would approve of a biological male transitioning into female. At least that's my gut feeling on most of the people in that church.
Through doing a little research on some other religions, my personal view has become that religion is man made and there are a lot of beliefs and practices that I am not sure I agree with. More specifically I have researched Female Genital Mutilation. I won't get graphic about how this is done but it results in PTSD and horrific pain.There are tribes in Africa that do this. The reason for it is based on religion, but this practice in particular really speaks volumes to me about the oppression many women in the world face.
Anyway, I talked a lot about how religion affects the females, but males are welcome to share their views here too. I am not trying to say that religion is wrong or bad, just that my own experience at my own church and from additional knowledge I have gained, this is how my views of religion were shaped. Has anyone else come to a similar place with their religion or received some conflicting messages?


A lot of the perceived "misogyny" is there, because religious scripture was a product of its time. Alternatively, you can interpret the scriptures differentl, for example, taking allegorical lessons from it.


My take on religion:

If A religion was the true calling of God or higher power, there would only one not thousands. I think religion gets fragmented in to separate religions to re-interpret words to fit a specific meaning that aligns with religious leader's idea of what that specific religion means. I think different religions have different goals. One might postulate they are the true word of God while another is more aligned with spirituality or being close to nature. One might want to raise money while another wants to save needy children in foreign countries. Hardcore Christians believe the ONLY way you can be "saved" is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior for instance; while Buddhists are inclined to relieve suffering and your personal life journey, whatever that is. 

I guess the good thing about religion is there is probably a religion that fits your views out there somewhere. When I find a religion that accepts me for me and doesn't want to get into my bank account I'll take a look at them. Until then I could care less about what any religion says about me, good, bad or otherwise. I don't need a religion to have a relationship with God or nature, I'm capable to make up my mind about what I believe.


I joined this site almost a year ago. Even though we have never met in person, I consider some of you as friends. I have donated to this site because I think it helps many people including myself. Even so when this thread popped up in my unread threads, I felt I had to respond. We live in a strange world and that world is quickly getting even stranger.

I came here to get information I was not able to find anywhere else. Initially, it had nothing to do with being transgender, but a type of bottom surgery to correct a medical condition. I started reading a series of threads seemingly by chance written by someone I won’t name. While reading one of them a few weeks ago I realized who I am, that I am transgender, and that I have suppressed/avoided the truth inside of me for several decades. It is actually what made it easy to think of this as a cure.

I was raised in one of the largest “religions.” It was the same one Cosmic Joke grew up in. I believed in it until in my late teens. I then realized there were lies hidden in their truths. I left the church and tried to figure out what the truth really was. I worked with several different people who told me about their religions and I even tried out a few of their different churches.

Four decades ago I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was not in any church. I was alone and there was no one else around prodding me on what to do. I did what the bible said without even understanding it. It totally transformed my life and the bible then came alive to me. I found out what saved by Grace through Faith really means.

At one point I bought 7 different kinds of bibles trying to figure out why there were so many religions. The bibles did not say different things. The idea that there are many ways to heaven doesn’t compute either, because many religions tout theirs as being the only way. All roads don’t lead to the same place. What I found by comparing bibles and churches was that most religions also contain some lies or just plain ignore some of the scriptures. If you leave some scriptures out it can totally change what it seems to say.

I know many if not all of you have been hurt by religious people calling themselves Christian. Some of them truly are Christian, but I also believe some of them are not true Christians. If you are honest with yourselves, I think you will realize that hate comes from all different types of people of all different colors, some religious and some not. Some bullies are also Atheist.

I have admitted what I am more than once on this website. So far it has brought no negative responses. Instead, I have been made to feel very welcome. I do not want to offend anyone nor am I trying to force anyone here to believe as I do.

I currently attend a small non-denominational church. Tithing is not stressed or talked about. I have heard it mentioned only once in over 8 years of attendance there. Much of the congregation asks me more bible questions than they do the preacher, because they know that I know what it says. While some of what I see here is listed in the bible as sin, so is what I see going on all around me every day by cis-genders. I must say from what I read in the bible, just being or living as transgender is not called sinful. Contrary to what many churches teach and many believe, we will gain heaven not by being sinless, but by our faith in Jesus.



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