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Northern Star Girl:
One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying the outdoors.  I love HIKING the nature trails to view beautiful natural scenery, mountains, lakes, wildlife, wildflowers... and it is fun exercise as well.  I will soon be posting my adventures as springtime returns.

Please feel free to add you Hiking adventures and photos.   Nature is for all of us to enjoy.


Northern Star Girl:
The weather has warmed up significantly this last 3 weeks or so as the days are getting much longer with clear sunny days.
Over the weekend the sunrise was 4:30AM and Sunset at 11:00PM  ....
... that is 18.5 hours of Sunshine and Daylight.

I went on a short hike into the nearby hills this last weekend to get some good exercise and to enjoy the scenery that Nature has to offer in my area.    I took the time and patience to take mostly photos of Wild Flowers.   My forum friend @madeleine was asking me about wild flowers here where I live so I posted these photos for her as well as everyone else to enjoy.
Enjoy the photos:  (left click each photo to enlarge)

     Wild Trilliums  .... a rare site this far north

    Along the path more beautiful wild flowers as we climb up toward the snow line.



    The "early" BEES are out and about

Those are gorgeous pictures Danielle  :) thanks for sharing here


Thanks for sharing the photos, Danielle, they're great.  I bet they must be a welcome sight after all that winter!

Life is resilient.
Beautiful photos.  I love the bee.
Please add more into the Alaskan summer.
The energy must be incredible considering the condensed growing window.


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