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Jessica, they're growing so fast! Soon they'll be young adults and then where will you be?  ;D

Northern Star Girl:
I love the pretty pictures that all of you are posting on this thread..... 
...  truly,  Hiking and Enjoying Nature's Scenery, Flowers is a great pastime
to be able to get outside and enjoy the scenery where we live.....

Here are some photos from a very recent daytime hike with lots and lots of beautiful flower pictures:
          (Left Click images to enlarge)

   Tiger Lillies           

   Butter Balls           



   Twolobe Larkspur   

This years dock side garden.  Purple is definitely the theme!

Rachel Montgomery:
Wow, Danielle!  Really nice pictures.  I don't know how I missed them when you posted them.

Tess, your photo is good too, like something you would see in a photography book.  Well done.

While hiking along a coast in Busan (formerly Pusan), the largest port city of S. Korea.

I was exhausted after running and hiking a total of 35 km (22 miles) for 2 days.



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