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One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying the watching of birds.  There is such a variety.

Please feel free to post your birdwatching photographs and experiences.  Or simply post pictures and comments about birds you like.


When I was at my friend's house in North Carolina waiting for my visa last year, an orange cardinal came to her feeder every day. I wish I had a picture of it.

As a newcomer to the UK, I'm having to relearn birds because there are so many I haven't seen before. I know they're far from adored here, but I like the magpies. We have a pair of pied wagtails that visit our yard every day.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Christine:
When I am on my nature hikes I do come across beautiful birds as well as other interesting things, next time I will try to get some pictures so that you can help me identify exactly what I was looking at.   

But you need to know that in this time of year the mosquitoes are becoming very voracious... in Alaska we call the Mosquito our state bird !!!!

I will be following your new thread with much interest.


Maid Marion:
Mosquitoes are having a rough time of it this year.  The ones around aren't used to the snow we have been having in May!  Like yesterday.

I have nesting Cardinals in my yard.  My yard is one of the easiest places to find birds.  All the flowers I grow attract insects, which attract small birds, which attract the big ones.  Like Red Tailed Hawks.  And a Northern Harrier.

I once saw a squirrel and a hawk while running the snow blower one morning.  A big dual stage machine that can easily do the entire neighborhood.  It was so noisy that the squirrel couldn't hear the hawk coming.  I watched the hawk carry the squirrel away...

@Northern Star Girl
@Maid Marion

Disney does a terrific job with reducing misquotes.

There are a number of online videos about this, here is one: 

“”          “Why Are There No Mosquitoes at Disney World?”


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