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Chrissy, I live in the woods and feed many birds from big, like turkeys, to little, like Ruby Throated Hummingbirds. I especially love the Pileated Woodpeckers, Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Goshawks, Goldfinches, Purple Finces, and Juncos, but my favorite might be the common crow. They're wicked smart, cooperative, playful, and fabulous fliers. Their favorite foods are peanut suet balls and Saltine crackers. When I go to bed each evening, I actually get excited about feeding them the next morning. I like Blue Jays too, which many who feed birds don't.

Marion, your story reminds me of having a red-tailed hawk fly directly in front of my windshield once with a writhing snake in its talons. Oh, I wanted to replay that moment again and again.

big kim:
I'm a bird watcher too.A great variety of birds where I live near Blackpool.We have the sea on 2 sides & a river with quite a few woods, nature reserves, ponds & marshes. Some of my favourites I've seen here are great spotted woodpecker, ring necked parakeet, sparrowhawk, buzzard, kestrel, peregrine falcon, pintail,smew, garganey, long eared owl, curlew, little egret, heron,water rail

In the spring mornings here and with the bedroom window open, I awake to the robin's song before the dawn. There is a certain conversation that takes place this time of year. Bald Eagles soaring above are a fairly common sight here. Barred owls hooting at night are heard fairly often  :) Our family loves the gulls, sea gulls, and it was a favorite past time to feed the gulls at the beach when the girls were young. One gull that is particularly sleek, would be the NW Pacific "Mew Gull", i sometimes use this image as my avatar here  :)


We have quite a nice back garden, in the one corner there's a massive and over grown honeysuckle and in the corner opposite there's a large and again quite overgrown climbing rose going all over the side and roof of my large shed, and all the little birds and squirrels love it.

The trouble is we also have cats.

I won't post pictures.


Birds are interesting.

I think one flew into one of my windows.  It must have had quite the concussion as I found it dead on the patio.   :(



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