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Gardening and our new allotment

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Woohoo! Megan and I took possession of plot #98 at our local allotments today.  ;D

It's 5 meters by 20 meters. We'll be busy getting it back in growing form. As you can see, the neighbouring plots have a good headstart on us.

Northern Star Girl:
@Devlyn   cc: @Megan.

Wow, you have lots of work to do this spring to get your  Plot #98  into growing form.   Be sure to remember where exactly you stood when you took the photo and then a little later on you can post a new one that will show the progress that you ladies have made....  are you going to build a fence around it??

Here where I live most gardeners have to build a 6 foot high fence around the garden areas to keep the deer and other critters out.

If you need more room to plant my favorite veggies and flowers I have over 5 acres that are available....

What are you planning to plant? 

Thank you for sharing and posting.

That's a big garden. Are you going to use it all? If so, will you give away the excess, freeze, or can?

I would love to have a garden that size. I live on a boat so I have taken over the dock with containers and stock tank gardens.  They are filled with all sorts of veggies.  Ive eaten a few radishes and should have peas soon.  I agree with Danielle about posting progress photos.


--- Quote from: Oldandcreaky on May 15, 2020, 02:41:58 pm ---That's a big garden. Are you going to use it all? If so, will you give away the excess, freeze, or can?

--- End quote ---

We plan on putting in three rows of raised beds with fairly wide paths for ease of maintenance. We do a little canning, and will absolutely be giving away some to our friends and neighbours. We already have a garlic bed, hot and sweet peppers in a covered trug, peas, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli at the house. Plus some small baskets with spearmint, thyme, and parsley.


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