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Gardening and our new allotment

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You've gone fully native, what next Tea and scones?


Are you going to grow tomatoes, Devlyn? I walked across England once and ate tomato soup at all the pubs. Seriously, that's pretty much all I ate because English tomatoes are glorious, as are English gardens.

I'm also a gardener. My orchard has sweet and sour cherries, various blueberries, and black, gold, and purple raspberries. I grow tomatoes and cucumbers in my raised beds and various herbs in pots. I also have Japanese influenced gardens that circle my house, so there are gardens outside every window and beyond that, I have an arboretum with hundreds of tree species.

Mills' post reminds me that on the rare occasions when I wasn't eating tomato soup, I was enjoying high tea.

Maid Marion:
That looks great!  What is the source of water?
We get four inches of water a month from rain and snow.
The clay soil keeps it around if I cover it with mulch to prevent it from turning to brick.
I have a rain barrel as a source of water for new plants and washing my hands. 
It is great because I don't have to worry about turning it off or having a connected hose burst because I forgot.

We have four baskets of Tumbling Tom cherry tomatoes at the house. I also forgot, we have four butternut squash plants, four zucchini plants, two trays of salad lettuce, and have started a big flat with leeks, beans, and glass gem corn.

Marion, I'm the Queen of Mulch. I buy two dump truck loads each summer and I also buy all the torn mulch bags from my local hardware store for a buck each. I end up buying scores of those and they're nice for distant plantings.

There's nothing like fresh mulch on a bed before the white pine needles mottle them. Of course, if you have enough white pine needles, that makes terrific mulch too.

On the coast of Maine, I don't worry much about water, but we can get dry in August, which is a chore because no single hose will reach my far plantings and when you start stringing hoses, they get heavy.


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