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Dispatches from Elsewhere


Who else watched the AMC series Dispatches from Elsewhere?

Did you like it?  I really enjoyed it especially through about 3/4 of the season.

No spoilers here.  I thought it was very creative and definitely not like most TV.

What did you think of Eve Lindley and her trans character?  I thought she was fantastic.

Hard to tell there will be a second season.  I would like to see how things go for "Simone" and her love interest.

Just found this on Prime, first 2 episodes have been great and will carry on bingeing

I have found myself drawing comparisons with Jamie Clayton's character Nomi in Sense8 mind you (not many others that's why)

I am also doing that thing I do when I see any Trans characters, first checking on imdb or wikipedia if they are trans in real life and then trying to work out where they are in their transition.

Finally followed up by a comparison of what I have had done and how I could of looked if I had transitioned when I was younger (until we get some later in life trans actors)



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