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How feasible is Non-op forever?

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How feasible is non-op forever?

While a lack of money can prevent surgeries, unless you plan to put to use your “wrong body” parts in your life activities because you want them (and that is certainly your choice and good for you if that is what you want), I think that if you think you are in the wrong body for your gender, that you would likely not want to remain no-op any longer than need be.

Maybe a lack of money, or older age, or poor health reasons would have you remain as non-op, but even then I would think that many in those situations would not want to remain non-op.

So, remaining non-op is certainly okay if that is what you want but I would think that it has got to be incredibly difficult to remain non-op for most, so that is why I ask if it is feasible. I have not gone full-time yet but after I do I think it would be tough for me to remain non-op.  I suppose that I will see what happens over time.

Perhaps I should rather ask if it becomes almost unbearable for many until they get the needed surgery than to ask if it is feasible. 


Northern Star Girl:
Dear Christine:
The "Non-op" option is obviously not a one-size-fits-all solution for all that are transitioning.... 
....could be driven by financial situations and is certainly driven by personal relationship situations, personal desires and personal choices.

You are in the correct Sub-Forum (Non-op) to read other members experiences and thoughts regarding this subject.

Wishing you well,


Age and romantic devotion are factors for me.
And for me it’s feasible.


I've been full time for some months now.

I haven't yet made my decision about GRS. I think I would like to have it, but I don't know if there are any contraindications that would stop me from having it. If that's the case, well, it will definitely be feasible for me to live out the rest of my life as a woman with the wrong genitals.

Hope this helps! - E

I went full time almost 3 years ago and i’m going to have to wait a good few years yet for GCS as i’m going to have to wait for the NHS. All that said i’m more certain than ever that I do want the op and have no intention of remaining non op ad infinitum - as always we are all different and there is no definitive answer

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