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It might not sound girly... But I love to target shoot! Girls like to shoot too!!! LOL. I find it super relaxing... breathing, focusing, aiming... hitting the target.... It's very rewarding! Being outside, in general makes me happy.... I know it's not for everyone, so what does everyone do for day to day enjoyment??? Hiking, fishing, riding a motorcycle, wood working? What's your thing???

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Maid Marion:
I have a huge flower garden.  Something is blooming all season, from the daffodils in March to the roses in November.


That's awesome!!! I planted a couple rose bushes last summer... I can't tell you what kind, but the pictures were pretty! They're still tiny... Gonna take a while before I can enjoy them...

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Day in and day out, running is my thing.  Everything from easy 30 minute jogs to marathons to hard sprints on a  track.  One thing I always liked is that the lines are very blurred between what the men and women wear.  As such I usually wear women's running shorts which show off my shaved legs.

I used to be a rock climber but I still do a lot of backpacking and exploring.  Mostly in the desert.

If reading counts as a hobby that is my favorite indoor activity.

My partner is a big gardener and I spend a fair amount of time helping her.

I used to target shoot, back in the day.  It is fun for sure!

Not much that would be classified as girly, but I am more of a non-binary. I love to ride my motorcycle with my wife, but a prostate surgery side effect from 2+ years ago now makes it just too uncomfortable. I like repairing and working all sorts of things, from electronics/electrical, automotive repair, and just being outside. I have a daughter with an electronics degree and girls work on cars, so I feel good.


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