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Growing food for non-gardeners

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Hi all,

I would like to have a go at growing some food, but I know that I have limited interest in maintaining a garden. I do have a garden, but if I do anything, it's going to have to be low maintenance. So I'm seeking some recommendations.

What's the best way to start? Herbs, perhaps?

Thanks, E

There's nothing like an herb garden right outside the kitchen door to get you interested in gardening, and cooking. Just don't plant mint directly in the ground, it's wildly invasive.


I suggest that you consider an elevated garden bed (on four legs rather than the nice but more challenging prep work for raised gardens that sit atop the ground), such as a Keter brand garden bed (browse the Internet).

Easy, having far fewer weeds than traditional gardens, far fewer pests eating your veggies except perhaps for bugs.  If you get a small one, you can grow in house during the winter if you have sufficient light and space for it.  Then you will have some veggies year round.

Insofar as what you grow, it depends on what you like, your growing season, available sunlight, etc.

The raised planters are not the best for creeping plants such as watermelons, although they can grow downwards to the ground.

Indoor growing systems (such as the AeroGarden brand) you may also like.  They are small, but they seem like they would work well for herbs for sure.  I have not used any.


I like cherry tomatoes and green beans because they keep coming a few at a time.
Mint in a raised box is easy to catch the scent.

England grows perfect tomatoes.


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