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A panic attack was peaceful - how??


Hello, been a while.

I'd like to ask opinions on is something that happened days ago.

I was lying on bed, thinking a bit too much about things then I felt something off. My mind went blank for a second, then I felt as if my body imploded. All my muscles were tense, my heart was pounding like crazy and felt a pressure in my chest. I felt as if I was going to die, however, my mind was clear. I never experienced such clarity and inner peace my whole life. I sat on my bed, and felt amazing even though my body seemed ready to give and I was shivering. I remember how lucid I was and feeling that I didn't needed to be perfect and that i need to have a better friendship with myself.

10 minutes later it ceased and I went back to my normal. The next day my whole body was aching from the tension I felt.

I'm still confused on why this happened and cannot imagine the reason. It just didn't made sense.
I had a appointment with a psychologist weeks ago but was cancelled and I can't schedule another for now.

Are you sure it was a panic attack?

It doesn't sound like one.

Not that I've ever experienced one, but my wife has. - E

It sure felt like it.

My heart was pounding, all my muscles were tense, and I felt I was going to die. It ceased after 10 minutes or so, I was a little short of breath and my legs where shaky for hours, my whole body hurts the day after.
But my mind was somewhere else  ???

I don't have any neurologic issues (I'm aware of) either.

All I can suggest really is that you contact a physician about it. Sorry! - E

No problem, thanks for taking your time to reply  :D


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