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The typical transsexual life

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Is there a typical transsexual life or lifestyle? How a transsexual should behave or should be? A role model?

For example:

First to come out of the closet.
Then to transition.
Finally to live happy stealth or openly transsexual after srs?
Are those steps correct and complete?

Is this the life a transsexual has to strive for? What is with other ways to handle this? Are there alternatives?

I don't think there's a typical transgender lifestyle at all. There is a typical narrative, and that doesn't seem to apply to all that many people here... We all seem to have different life experiences, as indeed is the case with cisgender people.

I agree with Ellie.

Everyone has their own individual needs. We transition at our own pace and we do what we feel at any time to be the most important thing to do.

By the way, I feel that you left out a few other steps. Denial, Depression and Disbelief are also in the mix. The single most important step is to accept yourself. Once you accept yourself, all the other steps just seem to fall into place.

As for completeness, life is never complete. There is always something more to do, like living the rest of your  life as you wish. This is priceless.

Hi, angelats

I don't think there's a typical transsexual lifestyle.

As for a typical transsexual life... it's probably nothing one would strive for, because it's pretty much automatic:

Realize when tiny that something's WRONG
Realize in puberty that what's wrong is getting MUCH WORSE
Realize the situation's ABSOLUTELY UNTENABLE
Realize one's choices are transition or death.

Start new life as a woman


Don't transition

I hope this helps


It's been well said above me, and while there is commonality in the medical treatments for <not allowed>.

There is nothing typical about being transsexual  ;)

Everyone's journey is unique.



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