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As some of you may remember, I recently posted about how happy I was to finally be in a place in my life when I could begin my transition after years and years of being stuck in the wrong body. I was in the process of looking for therapists when I found out Trump just legalized discrimination against trans people again. Living in a red state makes it that much more likely I’ll be denied trans care and even if I’m not, I would likely have to pay for everything out of pocket. It’s starting to feel like this dream will never come true for me and I should try to find a way to be happy as I am now or worse, contemplate an end to my misery. It’s so unfair to live a life of never getting what you want. I feel like my life is one disappointment after another. I’m not sure how much longer I can take it. The worst part is I’m not even surprised. I should have expected something to go wrong, it always does. It’s like as soon as I allow myself to be happy, something happens to take it all away. Sorry to be such a Debbie downer, but I’m sick and tired of being taunted with the possibility of a happy life just for it all to be ripped away right as I go to grab it.

Dear Magnolia88,

It certainly seems that the political winds are turning against us, but all is not lost. We do have allies in important places. The American Medical Association does not support this decision by the current administration. This just means that it is very important for people like us to be heard and do all we can to influence public policy in our favor.

Be sure to register to vote and support the candidates of your choice.

Maid Marion:
There are several things you can do.

Vote.  Politicians have observers to see who votes.

Consider working for a large company with "blue state" values.
Healthcare companies may also offer excellent benefit packages.

Consider moving to a more friendly neighborhood.
It is relatively easy in the USA to move to a new town.


A couple things. One, things could change this November. Get out and vote! Another is, if we knew what state you lived in, maybe we could help you find resources. I will also say that teletherapy has really taken off in the last few months.

I live in Texas, one of the most red blooded states in the nation. The good news is I work for a very inclusive diverse company with great benefits so I’ll see what my options are. News like this though just kills my spirit. Why is it so damn hard for us to just live our lives?


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