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Building Muscle On HRT..Please Help?

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Hello, I have been working out and I know it takes a while to build muscle. I do  strength training and compound moves like squats etc so I can look better when muscle comes on.

I weigh 110 and 5’7. I’m looking to get out this weight range to gain more weight/ and or muscle 130 pds or however much I put on.

Since I am on Hormones (depo estradiol ) how long will it take me to build lean muscle? And will this affect my breast growth? And will my metabolism start slowing  down finally?

I want a new look and new me just asking for advice for trans women  who has build muscle .


What are your Testosterone blood levels?

If you have a low Testosterone, it will be difficult to build muscle. Taking Estradiol is the wrong hormone to put on weight without overeating. If you have testes, Estradiol will suppress your natural Testosterone production.

Working out will tone your muscles and give you a lean physique, if you work all the muscle groups properly. A modest weight gain of 20 pounds may be possible, but it is much easier if your Testosterone is at least in the normal female range.

Hey my testorone level is low.

I take estrogen cypionate (depo estradiol) is this not what I suppose to be taking estrogen velerate is no longer Available where I live.

How low is too low T for muscle?

I don’t know I can see a little pump in my arms and abs are a little defined.

Is estrogen cypionate not good to take ? I was thinking exercising could affect breast growth?


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