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Recommend Online Games To Practice Feminine Voice


What video games would give me an opportunity to practice speaking with a feminine voice?

My voice therapist suggested some targeted time to practice. One thought that came up was playing an online game. I don't currently play any online games (or really any games).

Does anyone have any recommendations for online games I could join and practice speaking a lot? Either particular games or servers or communities? Somewhere I could put in about 30-minutes per day and have people to converse with? Somewhere where talking wouldn't be rude and distracting, and the players are at least a little open.

I have a PC. It's not super fast, but not a complete potato. I'm open to most genres and willing to try new things if the community is good. 

What do you think?

Jill E:
I might be partial bc I play so much, but maybe Minecraft. There are plenty of LGBTQ friendly servers and realms out there, and you would be able to choose how engaged you’d like to be in conversation with others who are online

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