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Welcome to the Nature and Pastimes board... Please read this !


Northern Star Girl:
Welcome to the Nature and Pastimes board:
Your comments and new posts are welcome in this new wide ranging Topic called "Nature"... which includes a wide variety of interests such as enjoyable pastimes such as Gardening, Bird Watching, Hiking, Scenic outdoor adventures, Fishing, Camping, Wildlife, Flowers, Beautiful photos, Running/Jogging, Home repair and projects, Hobbies of all types, etc.

Your are welcome to start a new thread and/or post your reply comments on the existing threads.
I will be eagerly looking for your postings.

***NOTE:  Please go to this LINK to comment on an existing Topic/thread
and/or to start your New Topic/thread.... and share your new posts and comments....,547.0.html

Best wishes,


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