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Super Mario Maker 2


I got a Nintendo Switch for my kids last Christmas, and downloaded Super Mario Maker 2 on it.   

And, I have to say (and, I'm over 40, with kids of a pretty wide range in the house), of all the people in our house who have become fully engrossed in it....well, I'm on it the most now. :)

I'm curious to know if anyone else here has played or created courses on SMM2 (sorry if this was already posted).

I'm having a ton of fun with it. :)

Sorry, I forgot - here is my course maker ID, if anyone else here wants to try out what we built: MK7-LMR-N0H

Just thought I would revive my old thread -

Someone submitted one of my courses on Janttu's live stream two months back (mine is the very last course Janttu played, called Paindrops Strike Back....a bit of a rough sensory experience just making it, but there we are):


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