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what do you think about "The last of us 2"?

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Hi!!! there every one!!!

So my question is what's your opinion about "the last of us: 2", and the controversi behind this game.

Tell me if you played it or saw a gameplay, and if you like the story and background....


What's the controversy?  Saw a fair bit of gameplay, wasn't really interested at all.  How about you?

Hi Jenny,

About me... I was waiting for it, because "the last of us" was a good game. I was thinking in buy it but now i really not like.

Days ago the critics gave a good score around 8.2 / 10 , but the user gammer gave a score of 3.5 / 10 to the game ...

After that, some of my friends who play video games posted that it was boring and disappointing compared to the first game. poor attractive story and few zombies ((for a game that is sales like a horror game of zombies thats not good)... and other memes and coments like that.

On the other hand, a critic wrote that a protagonist who is a lesbian cis-woman, strong and independent, makes men feel insecure and that is why they reject the game. I'm not a "male" and i don't like the game and thats not make me homophobe or insecure of nothing.

i think thats only a bad game with narrative and mechanical errors. and the sexuality of the protagonist is not the problem that user find.

In the end, the bad reception of " the last of us 2", affect how future AAA games would include LGBTI characters. Probably I'm wrong and other person have a other opinion or view point that i don't see...

If I recall, there was also controversy because a lot of people were assuming one of the characters was Trans, plus that character apparently goes through some horrible things, & that led to the game being called transphobic.

Last I heard, however, it seemed she was just a cis girl with a big frame. I haven't been following it though, as I tend to steer clear of that kind of controversy. In my experience, it it invariably disintegrates into hate.

EDIT: Actually never mind, just looked up to fact-check, & there is a FtM character who is kicked out, then deadnamed & persecuted by their previous group for coming out.

Well I've played Uncharted 1-4 and with those games the focus has been the story. And the Naughty Dog studios has always wanted to include good story on their games.

I just finished the last of us 1,  because I thought that there might be actually too much zombies.

The last of us, isn't a horror/zombie game, like Resident evil.
It isn't a survival game like DayZ or ARK.

It's a story driven action-adventure game like Uncharted, but in the post-apocalyptic world where you might fight with some zombies.

I will play the last of us 2 later, after my son has finished it first  ;D ;D


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