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what do you think about "The last of us 2"?

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I played the first one, and IMO it was a masterpiece of gaming.

The second one, I've avoided. Partly because it seems to have suffered from the same thing a lot of stuff nowadays suffers from. The manbaby "anti-woke" crowd leaping all over it, with neckbeards a-quivering, determined to hate it. Partly also because I intensely dislike entertainment mediums being used as a vehicle to have any sort of agenda. People play games to get away from all that stuff. If a movie, game, book... whatever... uses its medium to try and push a message then I shy away from it.

Let players play. Let watchers watch. Let readers read. Without trying to tell them what you think should be important. There are other places for that. Entertainment isn't it. Entertainment is a place of the imagination. A place for dreamers to dream. Away from all that baggage.

Everything to do with any sort of entertainment these days seems to be either made to be, or hyper-scrutinised with the intent of finding, some kind of message. And that bothers me. What happened to just telling a ripping yarn?


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