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Any fellow equestrians here?

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Is anyone else here an equestrian or just a horse lover in general?  I have the blessing of being able to live and work on a small horse ranch with my partner, and we have four equine "children" and two dogs.  I won't flood the forum with tons of photos, but I will share one from two days ago when we went on a trail ride for my birthday.  We even took the horses swimming at the end of the day!

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Riley:
I enjoyed your photo of you riding your Palomino as you celebrated your birthday.

I grew up on my parent's cattle ranch with all kinds of critters and several small fields of pasture grass and some crops.   I own several horses including my favorite Quarter Horse and a very gentle Paint. 
I am not very tall, barely 5' 4" so I liked smaller mounts that were around 14 hands.  One of my first horses when I was very young was a small and very calm Morgan at just over 13 hands.   I was riding horses long before I drove a car.
As an older teenager I sometimes competed in small county fair Barrel Racing and Team Roping events and spent time with my 4H group.  I didn't win much, but had lots of fun.

Thank you for sharing and telling us a little more about yourself..... 
.... and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU


@NorthernStarGirl, That sounds pretty awesome!  I grew up trail riding/Western pleasure riding on Quarter Horses at a friend's horse farm in Upstate New York.  My grandfather also owned/operated a dairy farm as I was growing up and I spent TONS of time out there helping and having fun.  These days, I find myself living on a small 30-acre horse ranch in Texas.  We've got the stereotypical American Quarter Horses (six of them), but we also have a Percheron/Belgian draft cross and a Belgian/Friesian draft cross (and her colt who was born on May 4th!), two miniature horses, an American Saddle Bred, a Mustang, and a Tennessee Walking Horse (who is mine, though I just got her).  I never thought when I left the Air Force that I would end up working and living on a ranch, but the good this has done for me physically and psychologically has been the best thing that could have happened to me.  I've even been able to learn to drive a horse and carriage!  I work hard, but I also get to play hard, and nearly everything that I do throughout the day is therapeutic or cathartic in some way.  I've always been a bit horse crazy, but I never dreamed I'd end up spending all-day every day working with them.

Northern Star Girl:
My two favorite rides when I go back "home" to my parents ranch....


At a time when we use FTP race here in Ireland we had 13 total, no so many left today, the good old days is over :')


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