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Question for US Veterans - what has VA actually covered for you, medically?

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 The VA will cover laser hair removal but I can only get 1 appointment every 3 months and have not had one for a year because of covid.  (I have spend over 5k out of pocket on electrolysis since my hair was turning grey before I started)
   I had a 3 year fight with the VA to get anything and I have a 100% rating.  I get hormones now from them, I see 2 Endo one locally every 6 months and once a year with a trans specialist.   I helped start a support group and right now the VA is very supportive of the group. I could get a wig and breast forms, however I opted to go out and get hair transplants (12k out of pocket) so I should not need a wig. While the transplants are growing back in I have a topper that is only about 4x4 but covers the bald spot on my head.  The LGBT coord keeps asking me if I want the breast forms but I don't think I would use them, though I may test them out.
   At the end of the month I will be giving a talk to the employees as part of their staff development making them aware of some of my personal issues with the VA and cheering on the VA workers who have helped me out.   
     I have had a good relationship with the mental health workers at the VA and I was on a special board examining and fixing issues in the Mental Health depart of my VA.   However it took 3 years to get a diagnosis everyone just turned it over to someone else. Hopefully after I give this staff development they will know where to direct their trans clients and I will even let them call me so I can put them in touch with the right people.
    They also set me up with voice lessons, however I was only half way through the program when Covid struck and doing on video just didn't seem to work for me.


--- Quote from: Jane.Shannon on March 05, 2021, 03:17:54 pm ---For hair removal, I understand VA will do hair removal for surgery prep.  Meaning they will clear the genitals as prescribed by a surgeon. 

For facial hair removal, I wondering if their hand could be forced somehow.  Does anyone know, do they cover electrolysis for women diagnosed with hirsutism, which is excess facial hair growth?  I believe if they cover that, they have to cover facial hair removal for trans women too.  The same would apply to Tricare.

--- End quote ---
One thing for us older gals and the younger lasses with light facial hair folicles is that laser removal is rather ineffective for us.  The laser has to also have a skin contrast to focus the energy wavelenght on the base of the folicle.  If you have dark skin, this is also problematic. 


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