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    PRIDE 2020: Take part in a celebratory video!    (CANADA)
      Submit your video clip for Pride 2020: (Inside) Out

CBC Communications ·   (CANADA)
Posted: Jun 11, 2020 11:49 AM AT | Last Updated: June 11

Are you celebrating Pride, inside?

As Pride organizations across the region shift to virtual and physically-distanced events, here at CBC we're celebrating with a community video. And we can't do it without you!

We're collecting short video clips of East Coast folks showing off their Pride spirit. To take part, send a video that's under 10 seconds to     Maybe you could wave a flag, raise a fist in solidarity, strut down your hallway in drag, dance around your living room in a colourful outfit, blow a kiss — whatever feels good.

We'll pull some of the clips together for a celebratory video in July. Stay tuned!
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Go to the site for complete instructions:

I'm just curious to know if anyone else here submitted anything for this and
I don't know if this was advertised outside of the Maritimes, though.

CBC has posted the completed video:


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