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Neighbors? Lol
« on: July 08, 2020, 08:10:41 am »
Odd thoughts... but how bout coming out a lil bit to neighbors? Me personally have just been going outside dressed up. At first I was nervous about getting caught or seen, but now I just go out with no <poo> giving attitude lol... thoughts? Has anyone ever done something Similar or different?

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Re: Neighbors? Lol
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2020, 04:20:26 pm »

If you can handle it (any repercussions), I think what you are doing is great.  Going out and coming out, two different things, still need the courage to be and then to present yourself as you believe you are.  CD, TS, NB, etc., whatever, still needs that inner courage, which to me is based on a self acceptance and love of ones self. 

It helps if you still be who you are when you talk to them for whatever reason.  If you want to tell them, then go ahead.  I have always been a good neighbor and always offered my support to my neighbors and friends.  Changing who I am inside and then on my outside with clothes and now surgeries never changed how I related to them.  I did notice a difference with one neighbor last year, but this year we are pretty much the same.

You do not have to come out to them either.  You can just be you in whatever presentation and wait for them to ask a question.  I came out when I recognized that I was moving to the other end under the Trans umbrella, from CD to TS.  I felt at that time my family "and" friends and neighbors needed to know, and so I told everyone that I felt needed to know over a few short months.  I received no outright negative reactions except for my kids and ex-wife.  Most of those issues have been worked out and I hope that someday they will just not be issues at all.  Everbody does it a little or a lot different.  I think it really depends on you and, of course your wife as to what you really do.

Good luck and enjoy it all!

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Re: Neighbors? Lol
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2020, 07:36:15 pm »
I go out dressed femme regularly in my neighborhood, but few people see me. I just am what I am, but will answer questions if asked. A few neighbors know.

When I lived in a condo building I had to walk in the hallways and use the stairs. I went out in both male and female modes and confused some of the neighbors, who thought there were several of us living there. But no one gave me trouble and we laughed about it when I explained.

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