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One New Life to Live

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Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: Rachel Montgomery on November 16, 2021, 09:54:43 pm ---Where in the world is Alaskan Danielle: it sounds like a fun game.  I like puzzles. 

It is an enormous state, but you have given a lot of clues.  I am sure I don't know exactly where you are, but I have a really good idea of the area, so I could make a couple of guesses.  If you care to hear my guesses (you wouldn't have to confirm a right answer, but you might be curious as to what I put together), let me know and I will PM you the guess and the basis for it.

--- End quote ---
@Rachel Montgomery
Dear Rachel:
Oh yes ..... "Where in the world is Alaskan Danielle"  .... one of my best kept secrets!!!!   ;)

Ever since I joined Susan's Place and the Forums in the beginning of 2018 I have been the
subject of many "location searches" ...  certainly I am flattered that my Forums friends and followers
are curious regarding the town in Alaska that I relocated to a year earlier.... however, for a lot
of reasons I do not divulge my contact information and location specifics.
Feel free to guess and investigate all that you wish.   I do find it interesting to discover how hard that
many of my friends work at trying to find me....

HUGS, and enjoy your investigative endeavor.

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:
Please don't leave me and the rest of your avid followers in the dark.
What is happening with you lately?   Any more things going on with your Tennis Club?

Any updates on your recovery from your recent surgery procedures?  ??? ...  BA   ...  FFS,

HUGS and as always, best wishes, happiness and success, 

November 19,  2021

@Danielle, @Rachel Montgomery, @Pammie, @Davina,& @OldAndCreaky

Oh, i was totally unaware that i was so popular!!!  8) Thank you all for your comments, wise cracks, and best wishes. Be assured, i'm not even close to the rabbit hole. Just busy, but i do have lots of minor stories/updates. This post ended up being much longer than i had envisioned.

I'm finally sitting on the couch after a busy morning and afternoon.Instrumental Christmas music is playing on the stereo (surround sound). I write better (always offline) when i use instrumental music to tune everything out.  I began by taking my daily four-mile walk and then got to work on the yard. My neighbor threw down the Christmas decoration gauntlet last week by putting up all his lights and decorations two weeks before Thanksgiving. Oh, the battle was on. Before i could put mine up, there was still quite a bit of pruning and yard work to prepare my yard for all the lights i put up. Besides lights on both stories of my house, i also light the two structural posts in front, the landscape rose bushes that line my lawn, and a crape myrtle bush i just finished pruning. Half the lights are up and i'll complete the work Saturday.

Thanksgiving is next week, and while i'll be spending it alone, as usual, i still cook a full Thanksgiving dinner. I picked up the turkey and a bag of sweet potatoes at Costco yesterday. Now, for years i've been using a wonderful, but simple recipe for mashed yams, but when i saw the recipe for Citris-Glazed Sweet Potatoes, i could not resist. It's more work, but it should be fun to find out if this a better side dish. Oh, I've always BBQed my turkeys, so that will be fun too.

I continue to organize a weekly Saturday, 12 person doubles group and while i can't play tennis for two more weeks, i attend to hang out with the players. Tomorrow, Person One will be attending for the first time in many months. Things are much better between us which makes me happy. I was someone who had no friends before I came out to her two years ago. Now, i have many, so this Thanksgiving, i'll be counting my blessings.

One Year Anniversary
The other larger thing in my mind has been planning a series of blogs to celebrate my first year of going full-time as Laura.It's taken some time to figure out what i want to say and how i want to say it, but the most important part, the opening long paragraph was finished earlier this week. i'll begin posting this series on the 27th.

Where is Danielle?
When i read Rachel's comment, it reminded me of the wonderful series of books, and the PBS series, Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego. Yes, i'm playing that game when I'm bored or, more importantly, procrastinating. i've suspected that some of my clues are false, or that Danielle (if that IS her real name) has planted. For a few days, i questioned the clue that Anchorage was closer to her house than Fairbanks because most of the small towns i was checking were located around the Fairbanks area. However, Costco does have a store there, so i'm thinking that clue is valid. yes, i've looked for CPAs in Alaska, checking various databases for her name. Given that i found one town of 2k people with a single CPA and that she's the only one in her town, i may have to modify the potential population to between 2k and about 7K. Still, there are tons of tiny cities in this group. My next task, the next time i get bored, will be to Google Street View those towns to look for coffee shops. That's for another day/month.

BA Update
it's been a bit more than two weeks since my BA. I continue to be satisfied that i didn't go big. Oh, a C cup would probably feel wonderful, but i don't want to be one who stands out, so a B cup is still better than what i had. I'll wait another two weeks before i go down to Victoria Secret to bra shop. In the meantime, i continue to wear compression bras 24/7. The bra supplied by the surgeon fits snugly, but after a few hours, my ribs begin to hurt more than i can bear, so that's when i swap it out for a sports bra. For exercise, I walk four miles every other day, and sometimes every day. the impact of walking quickly for an hour aggravates my aging knees, so i'll be happy to begin using the elliptical at the club next week. I may begin playing tennis in two weeks.

Interleague Christmas Lunch
I thought i'd written about this but apparently i haven't. This is where the disappointment begins. When i dreamed of playing Ladies Interclub five years ago, i was looking forward to BOTH the social and physical parts of playing. Yes, I'm having a ball playing each week (we're on winter break now). Win or lose (we've done pretty well for ourselves), what matters is that we play hard and have fun. Nothing else matters. (well, until we met one of my bullies.)

There are 30 women on three teams at out club: One A team and two B teams. Because we play on different days and locations, the only women i see are the 10 on my team, which is fine because i'm largely accepted here. Several times, several of us have gone out to lunch afterwards which has been a great experience so far.

However, several times a year, all three teams get together for either a Play Day, followed by a lunch, or in the case of December 1st, a formal lunch. I had SO hoped to attend these lunches to hang out with my team and perhaps make friends with women on the other teams. However, after what happened during the first Play Day and what with the events that happened on October 20th with the other B team, I've told my captain that i don't feel safe around the other women. There are some women on those two teams who i thought were allies, but they've been completely silent to me since the first attack began in May. I really don't think i can depend on any of them to be friendly to me.

My captain reached out again a few days ago, again pleading with me to give the luncheon a chance. Below is part of the email i wrote to her. (BTW, she loved the flowers i sent her.

This has been a year of incredible highs, like becoming best friends with Yeng, and horrendous lows. From all my conversations with Person One about Interleague, i know how unusual it is for partners to become best friends, so i appreciate the blessings i'm presented with when they happen. Person One had also warned me of the trouble i'd face if i made the team. I knew coming in that things could go south.

That's why i nearly moved last year. I know <this town> is not the best place for people in the LGBT community but the Elk Grove/Sacramento area are, so i came fairly close to selling my properties and building a great house in Elk Grove. I chose to stay, though, because I found warm acceptance from my neighbors and friends. In the end, staying was a leap of faith, one i don't regret.

Yes, i find other clubs like Oak Park and Woodbridge much more accepting, and during the social play days and lunches at Oak Park, i've felt nothing but friendship and acceptance from the women there. It's something i had so hoped for at our club.

What most people don't get is that i'm a different person now from who i used to be. Yes, the core parts of my personality are still there: my values and sense of humor are fully intact and i'm still shy. Hormones and transition have brought many changes: i'm much more sensitive and in touch with my feelings; I'm still an introvert but I'm more proactive about reaching out to people to be friends; and i say "yes" now to invitations because that's how new friendships are birthed. The person i was <deadname> couldn't do any of these. I'd gone decades without a best friend when i came out to Person One, two years ago. Now i have several.

From the beginning, i've taken the high road. I'm not one to enjoy confrontation or gossip. Neither are productive, but i understand that this strategy also emboldens those who disapprove of me. My hopes were that by being friendly and keeping my head high that eventually some people would move from the disapprove to the accept column. This proved true when someone from the team sent me a Facebook invitation as well as ongoing support texts and emails after our recent Team Black drama. I've tried to give people the space to change their minds and come over.

And yes, i know i've just made your case for attending the luncheon. If it were just Team Red, it would be so easy to accept. The 20 women on the other teams are the great unknown and that scares me. Several women on those teams, who i thought were supportive, have been silent the past six months so i don't think i can count of their support. I also don't know how many haters i have on those teams but i suspect there are many. I'm not exaggerating when i say that i don't feel safe attending. That's one reason i rarely go to the club now.

What would make me feel safe is being surrounded by my team and having Yeng by my side. She's told me that she's not coming because of her work and all the other parties she's invited to, but i know the recent drama affected her as well. All this hurt her too. It saddens me that she won't participate next year because i've never felt more comfortable playing doubles.

OK.. Thanks enough of my life for now. Last week, i began watching Christmas movies and shows on Netflix, so back i go to the tube. Thanks for reading. Next major update on the 27th.



Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:
Thank you so very much for treating me and the rest of your avid followers to your eagerly awaited comprehensive blog/thread update.

OK, you have made me feel guilty of not putting up my outside Christmas lights and decorations as of yet.
Usually I don't get serious about Christmas decorations and setting up my Christmas Tree until right after Thanksgiving time. (In the USA, Thursday, November 25th)

Oh no, you are spending the Thanksgiving Day holiday and classic Turkey dinner... all by yourself???
This might be a perfect time to contact some "single" friends to see if they will join you for your home cooked meal.

I am putting on a Thanksgiving dinner for a few of the "single" ladies in my gym-gals group...  nothing too big, but lots of good food.
All of the ladies are very good cooks.  I will provide the Turkey, lots of gravy and the stuffing.  Others are bringing the side dishes such as Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Pickle and Olive trays, Deviled Eggs... and a couple of Pies for dessert.

I am very aware of the good times that you have had with your tennis endeavors, and I am also aware of your unfortunate bad times.
Regarding going to the tennis club formal luncheon, it is unfortunate that your best friend and supporter Yeng will not be attending but if you can find 2 or 3 or more ladies that are your supporters I think you should consider going....  I know that you stated that you don't feel safe around some of the gals on the tennis teams but is you are surrounded by your tennis friend supporters you might feel better about attending....   I always tell those that have doubts about going shopping and to other events that might cause fear or concern that there is SAFETY IN NUMBERS.   I hope you make the decision to not go or to go that makes you feel comfortable.

Regarding your BA and your surgery results, I am so very happy that you are pleased with what the surgery produced....
...  I am very happy with my C cup which was a result of my HRT... and I am happy that my breasts stopped growing, I don't want them to be any larger.  My active lifestyle would not be happy with anything larger... I think that you feel the same way.

Hmmm, "Where is Danielle?" .....
I have been dealing with this mystery since I joined Susan's Place and I am intrigued by the detective work that my readers and followers do to try to pinpoint my location.   Your suspicions could maybe be "possibly" correct that I "might" at times offer up a few "slightly" mis-leading clues.   
When I first moved here, I had left a bad situation back in my home town with many of my previously good friends, my extended family, and even my parents not accepting me and my transition.   
My mother, God bless her, gave out my phone number, my email and my mailing address to "everyone" back home and for almost a year in 2017 I ended with nasty phone calls and bad Email and snail mail from my <haters> back home.  Back then I even suspected that a few may have found me here on the Forums. 'I have worked hard to get past all of that with all new phone number, new Email, and a P.O. Box for snail mail.

So, in conclusion, I have been keeping my personal contact information close to my vest for the obvious reasons that many others have stated as they started their new life. 

......Perhaps one of these days...???.......

Thank you Laura for your update and for your patience as you waded through my way too lengthy reply comment on your thread.

Again, thank you for your awaited update and posting.
HUGS and more HUGS, 


--- Quote from: Northern Star Girl on November 19, 2021, 06:46:11 pm ---When I first moved here, I had left a bad situation back in my home town with many of my previously good friends, my extended family, and even my parents not accepting me and my transition.   
My mother, God bless her, gave out my phone number, my email and my mailing address to "everyone" back home and for almost a year in 2017 I ended with nasty phone calls and bad Email and snail mail from my <haters> back home.  Back then I even suspected that a few may have found me here on the Forums. 'I have worked hard to get past all of that with all new phone number, new Email, and a P.O. Box for snail mail.


--- End quote ---

It makes me so sad to hear about how bad some of us have when we transition. This Thanksgiving, I am so grateful that my family, neighbors and co-workers have accepted me as Ellen. I am very lucky



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