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One New Life to Live

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Northern Star Girl:
Dear Laura:
As I have previously replied with my comments, I am certainly enjoying reading your "story" that you have concisely composed.
I have to say that this last one that you submitted  "Part IV"  is one of my favorites and looking at the luncheon that you attended and the picture of you with your team captain makes me very, very happy for you.
   ... you are so very right with your statement   "No Risk. No Reward. I am blessed."

Even if your Part IV is the last in your series, I will continue to eagerly look for and read your updates and postings on your threads and all around the various Forum's threads;  this is what "Avid Followers and Supporters" do !!! 

HUGS and as always best wishes and continued success.

Thank you so much for following my journey, @Danielle. Indeed, Part IV is the close of this series. I'd initially thought the series would be longer, but then, ending it on a positive note works best. Transitioning is difficult for all of us, and while some have it much harder than me, we all have so much in common.

While I share tidbits of my blog on my FB page, as a means of sharing what it's like to be trans, Susan's is my private space to share all in a safe environment. My journey continues. I have several years before I'll feel complete, but today's lesson was to trust the people around me. I have far more friends and allies than enemies.


December 5, 2021


After years of recovering from my last marriage and feeling more comfortable in my new identity, I made the trek to San Francisco today to see the musical RENT. Now, as a theatre arts major in college, my past life was full of wonderful performances. However, the last 20 years, I've seen so few plays and musicals, so today was me trying to chart a new path, one that is a bit more confident.

The Orpheum Theatre is conveniently located right next to the Civic Center BART station (Bay Area Rapid Transit), so door to door took me just a bit over two hours. During my commute and the performance, I didn't notice people clocking me, although it's possible some did. It didn't matter. I got to dress up and see a wonderful, Pulitzer Prize winning musical.

Below is what I looked like today.



O&C: You've come far, Pilgrim.

L: "Feels like far."

O&C: "Were it worth the trouble?"

L: "Hah. What trouble?"


--- Quote from: Oldandcreaky on December 05, 2021, 08:52:02 pm ---O&C: You've come far, Pilgrim.

L: "Feels like far."

O&C: "Were it worth the trouble?"

L: "Hah. What trouble?"

--- End quote ---


Love it. You gotta fake it until you make it, and then just keep faking it until nothing bothers you any more.   I'm getting there.



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