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Seattle support groups?


Hi, I'm considering transitioning and looking for other trans people to talk to. Obviously with COVID everything's a little harder but I would still love to meet with a group if that's possible, and if not in person even just talk to other trans people over the phone.


Susan R:
I used to attend the Everett in-person meeting of the Washington Gender Alliance [WGA] trans support group. Due to Covid-19, it’s moved to a Thurs 7:30pm-9pm Zoom meeting format now. There’s more info about that meeting and the group here

Susan R🌷

I have been to a couple of meetings with the group that meets up through the Ingersoll Gender Center.  I'm not sure what they are doing in these Covid times.  They did have a weekly support meeting and a Saturday social meetup.  I highly recommend checking them out.

amrisa loftus:
PM me I have a link to Gender Alliance of the South Sound Discord. They have meeting alot on there. The Group is based in Tacoma are will in serve those all over. 


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