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Any Zappa fans?

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Hey ladies and gents, I know Frank Zappa was pretty non-pc but I am a gigantic fan, guy was a musical genius, and also very intelligent, and hilarious (although of course I am aware he is pretty offensive, but IMO I guess I have a thick skin with humour especially if its like, done way in the past before people understood more I am more understanding of non pc humour.)

Just wondering if anyone is a fan and if you are what are your fav songs/performances etc, and if you hate him feel free to say so! :)

Rat Tomago is an excellent instrumental tune, Inca Roads is an absolute masterpiece of jazz fusion/prog rock imo

Hope I find some fellow Zappa gurls here :)

Not a huge fan but I had a couple of albums.  Had Just Another Band from L.A. and Zoot Allures.  And of course I heard some of his other stuff here and there. Super talented and wickedly funny.

Claim to fame, I was given tickets by a friend in the 70’s to see him and the mothers at Wembley. And ..
I fell asleep through most of it.

Fan, not so much I guess

Jessica xx

haha hes definitely not for everyone. I got a chance to see his son Dweezil perform in his band Zappa Plays Zappa with a lot of original members in it in 2015, lord was it ever great. Got to meet Dweezil too great guy, I’d say better guitar player than his father, imo Zappa was more a brilliant writer than a soloist, although not too bad of a soloist either

also in 2007 I got the rare chance to play on stage with Zappa’s old late 70s early 80s era Marimba player, was the highlight of my barely impacting career hahaha

Loved Zappa and his music. Such a control freak.

He's sorely missed.


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