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Any Zappa fans?

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yeah! when he found out one of his bandmates were on drugs he would tell em “will that be an aisle seat or a window seat?” referring to the plane ticket home that he was getting them hahaha

but hell I can’t blame him, all those top notch musicians had to have cost a fortune

Count me in on being a Frank Zappa fan. So creative, so funny (at times), surrounded himself with immense talent.

Montana "Dental floss tycoon" - is perhaps the one song that comes to mind as I post this, but there are so many others....

I loved "Valley Girl", by Moon, so iconic, shaped our language, and reflected it, "like so totally awesome"

It's just soooo Tarzana , and just thinking about it, makes me wanna go to the mall  ;D


"Girrrrl, you thought he was a mannn, but he was a muffin!"

Haley Conner:
I saw him live on the them or us tour.  He's in his own league, IMO.

My favorite is Hot Rats!  So many great songs there!



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