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My Reintroduction to Makeup


I practiced with makeup quite a bit ten years ago, but I put my transition on hold because I wasn't sure if I was trans or not. Now I'm sure. The thing is I'm kinda starting from scratch.

I'm a little overwhelmed by all the different types of make I want to get. I work next to a Mac and they are closed at the moment so I did some looking at the different types of eye shadows, blush, and concealers. I'm coming up with ideas for how I want to look. But I'm still a little clueless.

What types of makeup are crucial for trans women, especially like me who have a thick beard? Seriously no matter how close I shave I always have a little shadow going on. I appreciate any advice. Thanks

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So far I don't bother with makeup because is to much work, so most of the time I go with little lipstick and foundation since only take about 5 minutes

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Maid Marion:
Hi Robin,

If you go out with a mask you will avoid the need for beard cover.

Or you learn about choosing colors

You can also distract people away from your face.  Brightly colored nail polish might do the trick. 

I'll wear clothes that show off my hourglass figure.  ;D


For beard shadow use an orange colour corrector.


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