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50, going on 12.......


I've spent 50yrs living as a man, now I'm on the verge of hrt... I feel like a 12yr old girl on the start of puberty..... But no mother, sisters or friends to help me with the birds and bees all over again with different equipment!?!?!  Message me.... I don't know if I can do it alone....

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Hugs!  Looks like we started HRT at a similar age.  Doing this whole thing alone though, that's got to be daunting.  I'm glad you're here, and I hope you are finding good support.  Wishing you the best!  I should be able to message people soon (I just got started on this site), so if you'd like to converse I'd be happy to.

I don't seem to be on line when everyone else is.... I've chatted with folks here and there, but no real connection, I did find a local LGBT group near me that meets once a month.... I love it!!! It feels wonderful to be able to talk with others that aren't all about judging me!!!

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Oh that is great to hear! Finding people who get you and don’t judge you is so important. I’m glad you have that support. I don’t spend that much time here myself; I have a few good friends who are either trans or queer, and a pretty good support network. I’m trying to be a good support to others.


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