Author Topic: Baptist Pastor fired after coming out to her congregation.  (Read 696 times)

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           Baptist Pastor fired after coming out to her congregation.

    CBC News
    Angelina King/CBC
    Posted: Jul 22, 2020 4:41 PM ET
    Last Updated: July 23

After a vote by the Lorne Park Baptist Church congregation, Joplin's contract has been terminated
Junia 'June' Joplin, the lead pastor at Lorne Park Baptist Church in Mississauga, Ont., came out to her congregation as a transgender woman in an online sermon on June 14 — now, the church has announced the termination of its contract with Joplin. (Angelina King/CBC)

Junia "June" Joplin knew she was taking a risk when she came out as a transgender woman to her congregation — now after that leap of faith, she's learned she'll no longer be the lead pastor at her Mississauga church.

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NOTE:  Go to the CBC NEWS LINK for more information.
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I just saw this article today:
Pastor June describes her journey the same way the Rev. Paula Stone Williams does - as a calling, not a choice.
I hope and pray that June makes it out okay, and I also hope and pray that a better understanding of us as a whole is eventually embraced by congregants.
I've said it before, but we are NOT mistakes.
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It took over 40 years to realise, and believe, that what I am NOT, is a mistake.

(Yes, I'm a Canadian who served in the US Navy....)