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Having trouble with my name


My legal name is Ray. My Dad named me after his best friend who had passed away. I had thought to rename myself as Rachel, but my Mom told me her and may Dad want to call me Robin if I turned out to be a girl. I liked the name so I took it and ran with it.

The thing is my Dad was a little upset that I didn't name myself Rachel. So I'm going to use it for my middle name. So I'd be Robin Rachel Riddle.

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Sounds like a plan and there's no problem.

When I was about 8, I remember talking to my mom about what she would have named me if I had been a girl.
She knew I was what we now call transgender, but at the time the only term available was transsexual and treatment for transsexuals was barbaric.
She had thought she would name me Louise and call me Lou, or Fern after her mom, or Gladys after dad's mom, or Darlene after my godmother, or Ernestine after one of my aunts.

Needless to say, none of those names appealed to me, so I thought about the names of my closest friends who I really liked.  Several of them were named Debbie, because when we were born, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fischer were the hottest Hollywood couple.

I had heart of people having problems with credit agencies and legacy financial assets such as 401k accounts and insurance policies, so I used my birth name as my middle name since I almost never use it but if I get a check or policy for him, I can still deposit the checks.


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