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I am looking into trying cool sculpting to reduce my fat tummy. Has anyone done this? How many sessions and  were you happy with the results? I am 6'1" and need to lose at least 20 lbs.


Thanks for bringing up this topic.  I have had belly fat since puberty and before.  Usually not a lot, but never had anything close to 6 pack abs, even when I was super skinny.  I weigh about 135 +/- now during Covid.  My hips are developing and I just want to get rid of that midriff fat to get a better shape and be able to wear bikinis!!

Please contribute so we can see how it works.


It's new to me, so I googled it and watched this CBS report: It looks great!


I want it.  Now, how do I pay for it?

My main question is will it permanently kill those fat cells?  Liposuction does.  Yes, the ones they miss can get larger and dormant ones can start to grow.  Is this the same with Cool Sculpting?

Thanks for the link.

Had a talk with my endo about this and other method redistributing body fat as well as binge dieting and gaining weight gain.

He said the fat elimination methods like cool sculpting do work but to be careful as the remaining fat cells would become larger as a result if you do start regaining weight. This could lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. So while a good thing for figure just need to keep a handle on A1C and blood sugar levels. No such thing as a free lunch.

So I’m going to try it and/or with some other methods in combination, with diet and exercise, to get rid of the spare tire around the gut.




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