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A LONG overdue update

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Sylvia, that's happy news, I'm glad your partner has settled on a look you're both happy with, best wishes with the physical relationship!

Thanks, all. I don't think the look adopted is particularly a compromise, it's what my partner likes as a look. If he'd been a CIS woman he says that's how he'd present! He's never liked me in dresses and skirts either. Although I must admit, he is a bit partial to a bit of sparkle, lol!

Nice to hear from you, Sadie, hope all is ok with you and your spouse too.


I'll offer a little help.  My GF and I went through the same thing. My slowly increasing lack of libido.  Mine changed and returned again later once thing slipped into place more.  Everyone is different so it's no guarantee you'll get the same thing, but it's nice to now it can come back, stronger in my case after that awkward period is done.   Hope it's a similar case for your SO


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