Author Topic: Face & Genitals experience in Portland OR  (Read 115 times)

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Face & Genitals experience in Portland OR
« on: August 05, 2020, 07:04:47 pm »
I just got done with my first genitals electrolysis and I thought I'd share the process to help out anyone nervous about their first appointment.

I'm 42, been "out" for a year, I've done face laser plus two 3-hour electrolysis sessions on the face.  This appointment was 2 hours on the face, then 2 hours on the bottom.

First you need to apply any numbing cream about an hour before you go, make sure to cover the entire area that you want numbed.  In my case I didn't do it, so this session was raw (and not nearly as painful as I was expecting).  Just before your session starts go to the bathroom and clean everything up.  I wore a long skirt, but they also offer some that you can borrow.  Remove your underwear now.

Then into the treatment room - you get to sit awkwardly in the exam chair.  Next is baring all (pull your skirt up).  I helped to keep bits & pieces out of the way while she worked.  It was uncomfortable to sit at the odd angle, but the actual electrolysis part was less painful than the face (in my case).

The pain was also not bad - I'd rate the pain scale as:
1) Upper lip
2) Lower lip
3) Ears
4) Genitals

Overall it was a very professional and comfortable experience.  The staff are 100% professional and I would highly recommend them.

Eastside Electrology
Portland, OR