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Praising while doubting the Lord


How many times have I been in my knees, begging God to fix me and everything??  Begging. 
Five hundred?

How many times have I cursed God, thrown vile swear words at Jesus, God, whoever for not fixing me and the world? ( in my timing and in ways that I could see it)

How many times have I asked the name of Jesus, God, and angels to save me and keep my eternal soul? I renew this

I love angels and they love me!
Sometimes they show this love by interfering.

Do I believe?
I say yes, but I must try to do so at times.

Praise the fearsome Lord for making me a girl that is becoming a woman!!

I struggle with doubt all the time...Then I look at my past experiences and see how God has taken care of me in the past, and it renews my strength. 

Thank you for sharing :)


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