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FTM hips and butt minimizing trick


Here’s a trick that works for me. I am 5’2”, 130 lbs, female born, not on testosterone, muscular for a female but with a small waist and typical female hips. My shoulders are as wide as my hips but my back and waist are feminine. My hips and butt are feminine. It’s a shame I can’t give them to someone who would appreciate having them.

 So here’s something that works for my body type, maybe it will work for yours.
I wear suspenders to hold my pants up, but I wear them under my shirt so I can leave my shirt untucked. The effect is that my waist appears thicker because the pants waist doesn’t collapse around my natural waist. Keep in mind I’m talking about men’s pants here. To get them to fit in the hips I buy them too big in the waist.

The other effect is that the pants now fit me better in the butt because they aren’t sagging due to the large waist size.  A belt just makes the sagging worse unless you cinch it down tight, which then causes unnatural wrinkles.

I’m very pleased with the effect the suspenders create.  However, the illusion falls apart if I tuck my shirt in. There’s no hiding my body with the shirt tucked in😕 I suppose a vest or blazer could work but I have yet to find anything age appropriate in my size.

I suspect this trick would cause problems in the airport body scanners. I always wait until I’m through the security checkpoint to put my suspenders on.

If you need to pull your pants down to use the bathroom, just unhook the suspenders at the back. Now you can pull your pants down to sit. If necessary you can unhook the front too and they will stay put on your shoulders until you’re done.

Happy suspendering! 


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