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What has been your experience with transgender organizations and support groups?

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Thank you ladies for sharing.

For all others, do look for groups and organizations nearby as they may be helpful to you.
They do differ in services; however, they are there to be provide what their mission statements cover.


I have been in two different support groups in two different states. One was not at all supportive and I left after a couple of meetings. The other local to me was nice but located in a bad part of town. I was going to purchase protection to get out of my car to the meeting. With covid it’s now on zoom and much better and safer.

I have found each group had it’s good, and bad qualities. Listening to horror stories is very hard. My current group has a part of the meeting where we celebrate good things happening in our transition and private lives. Some times my dysphoria gets triggered and they understand and it’s ok to log off or take a short break from the meeting. After there’s a separate zoom Thats not a formal meeting but just people talking like coffee talk about anything they want with no formality of a meeting structure so it works.

Bottom line is you get what you put into them but realize it’s ok to take breaks or after if it’s really not working seek a more supportive group.  We all have different needs and wants from what we want to get out of these groups.

What are you looking for from the group? What are some of systems your willing to help the group?

Hugs, Rebecca

I’ve been involved with a few different groups, and have basically settled into one I really like.

Because of COVID we took it online via Zoom and are, most likely, going to keep a version of it online after COVID. 

(The only reason I know is because I provided the technical expertise to move it to Zoom and initially we used my Zoom account.)

If anyone wants more info, PM me.

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Michelle C:
I'm just coming to terms with being transgender and have just started reaching out to doctors for care.  As such, I'm interested in looking into a group but I'm also wary of what has been previously mentioned - the potential to get involved with a group making excuses & wanting easy answers. 

The last time I went to a support group, it was a single father's group that my attorney recommended to me at the onset of my divorce.  I went to one meeting.  I did go back, but I learned plenty at that one meeting.  The meeting has about six other fathers who were trying to get more custody of their kids. I think the max custody anybody had was one night a week - most were on professionally supervised visits.

I remember several of the fathers in that meeting... They each had different stories but the common theme was they were men getting beat down by a court system with systemic gender bias.  They were there for their children, but had a 'can't' mentality that was - to me - undeniably being reinforced in the meeting.  I walked out thinking, "I'm never coming back - I'm not going to be like these guys."  And today I have half custody of my daughter.

So where do you go when you know you're in for hardships if you move forward with your journey, but you also know you've faced hardship before and came out okay?  You know you can get through it but would like to find the support that would be offered by well adjusted, successful girls who have found a way to be happy with themselves?

I have been to 3 different organized social groups for transgender individuals under the Transgender umbrella from crossdressers to post op transsexuals.  They were social orientated but offered a lot of support to their members and guests in the form of informal (one had a yearly formal dinner and dance) events from Game Night, to weekly luncheons held at an accepting restaurant of someone's home.  I have never been a formal groupie type of person and I went to have fun, meet new people and maybe find someone close to me to be a sidekick with whom I could go out regularly to enjoy all that San Francisco had to offer.

They were fun groups, one was very small and just met in a small warehouse that was loaded with used women's clothing that the owner tried to sell to transgender/crossdressing individuals.  That one was too small for me and not as much fun as another one.  Did I get support?  Yes, probably in the form of meeting some wonderful people in all phases of discovering themselves, or already knowing themselves but looking for a venue/group where they could be themselves.  I never attended a get together that was organized around discussing specific trans issues or topics.  There were themes for fun.  There were also some breakoff groups that got together for there own topics or cliques.

They can be fun, informative and a great learning experience when you find out that there are others just like you, and then just the building of one's self confidence by being in a safe place with like minded people.  I strongly recommend trying them for the whole experience or as a way to click with someone, to build courage, get some help and have some fun.



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