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>:D It's all about me >:D

Actually just a note to say the new look is good and that for those of you who may have missed my original post--which is now gone--I posted as D***** for about a year but have chosen a new name as I complete transition.  My name will legally become Cailyn [...] next week Wednesday.


Oh very nice Cailyn!
I hope everything goes smoothly with your official name change!

Hope you are doing well (=

That's great news Cailyn.

I have applied to have my name changed, and although I don't expect any problems, it does take a long time here in Canada - up to a year.  So I wait.  How long does it usually take in the US?

Ouch Stephanie - up to a year? In BC it only takes 6 weeks.


5 working days ($90) .... 2 if you pay premium rate ($120)

that's Australia for you, a federal same-sex marriage ban, but everything not forbidden is damn near compulsory! ;)


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