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What are your reasons for being non op?

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--- Quote from: pamelatransuk on May 03, 2021, 01:41:52 pm ---I am having MDV very soon. I suppose it is debatable whether MDV counts as op or non-op but for me it certainly counts as op.

Of course I am very happy to confirm why I do not desire Vaginoplasty:

The secondary reason is that I do not want the the dilation/maintenance. The major overriding reason(s) for me are:

I am unhappy with my body although not as unhappy as I was before HRT which I have had for over 3 years meaning I must change my body down there. I  am happily asexual with minor lesbian tendencies and therefore I do not want a vagina for sexual participation. For me it is 100% about appearance and alignment of my body to match my mind.

I respect those of us who choose Vaginoplasty or nothing or any other option but for me it is quite simple - I believe MDV solves all for me.


Pamela xx

--- End quote ---

Pamela dear, I hope you are not under any allusions about a MDV!  It is certainly NOT debatable whether it is op or non! After my MDV that took over five hours of surgery, weeks of painful recovery, the need of a revision for the last year, I don't think there is any place to question whether or not I had an operation! :) ;) :angel:

Thank you so much Dorit for your thoughtful and most considerate reply.

Don't worry as I definitely regard my MDV as op and as I am fully aware of possible complications and revisions. Having said that, I am most excited looking forward.


Pamela xx

pretty pauline:

--- Quote from: Nadine Spirit on September 11, 2020, 06:24:11 am ---I wasn't going to go for a vaginoplasty, however after my orchi last year and my resulting depression, I changed my mind.   
Nobody has to have any surgery, just be true to yourself.

--- End quote ---
It's a girl's privilege to change her mind. But it's so true, nobody has to have surgery to be our true selves. Our genitalia doesn't define our gender and if you don't have the operation it doesn't make you any less of a woman.
I never had dysphoria towards my genitalia, when I started my transition I wasn't going to go for vaginoplasty as I feared the surgery at the time, but as my transition progress my mother may have influenced my decision as she advised me to just get it done and complete the transition, so I got it done, the healing, maintenance and dilating was challenging, but it was the right decision for me the way my life turned out years later, I started dating men and eventually married a man, my marriage probably wouldn't never have survived if I didn't have my operation, I had a small procedure done after I got married making things a little easier giving myself fully and completely to my husband as a wife and a woman, all our situations are different.

My partner (female), in my opinion, prefers it. She doesn't care whether or not I have an operation, as she says it's my choice. It's not a big deal for me, although I rarely orgasm using it (and it's really sensitive, so it's not as pleasurable to use it), my partner orgasms from it. If I didn't factor in my partner's preference, I'd be 50/50 about it, anyway.


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