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Looking for fitness accountability buddy!


Hi guys,

I haven't been on this site in over 5 years but re-joined hoping to find other guys who might be interested in being "accountability buddies" for weight loss/fitness/wellness goals.  I decided to post this topic here rather than in the Health forum because I'm specifically hoping to connect with other guys (I'm married, so connecting with women I don't know seems inappropriate/weird/sketchy). 

I have been on T for over 5 years and had top surgery 5 years ago as well.  After being on a medication in 2017, I gained 20 lbs, which has never come off.  With poor physical activity over the years and now 6 months of quarantining, I'm about 40 lbs from my ideal weight.  I have many reasons for being motivated to get in shape, none the least of which include: improving my physical/emotional health, being healthy before making a career change, and having top surgery revision + masculinizing liposuction (maybe simple meta, but still thinking); my wife and I are also hoping to have children in the next few years, and I really want to be as healthy as I can be before that happens.

My "fitness" goals are to lose 6" off of my waist (~40 lbs) and improve my functional fitness through a combination of weight and body weight training, cardio, simple yoga/stretching, meditation, and improving my eating habits (mostly portion control bc I love food and cooking).

It would be awesome to connect with others who might have compatible wellness goals who would like to act as accountability buddies and cheer each other on!  Please let me know if you're interested.


Hi Isa.

I’ve been working out since june. 4 times a week. Hiking 1-2 times a week. Have lost 2 kg. It’s about 4 lbs.

Have not changed my eating habits very much. T makes me hungry. And strong.

Got this picture on a body builder group on fb. I first most practice this. I want to be able to carry my own weight. I need yo lose 8 more kg. That is 16 lbs.

I do some cardio. Very much abs, chest and back. Some legs. These pictures are easy to follow.


Hi Tony,

Congratulations on starting working out; it's not easy to do!  The image is a really good one; I like that it is body weight-oriented.  I have more weight to lose than you (~18 kg in total) but would also like to be able to carry my own body weight (goal weight is ~65 kg).

Are you familiar with the Art of Manliness website?  They have some good content and one thing that I remember seeing many years ago was a list of "5 fitness benchmarks a man must master" <Link not allowed>
Some of these things aren't really options for me due to past injuries but the rest should be doable if I'm in good enough shape.  What I like about this list is the focus on function.

My first goals are to:
- Lose a bit of weight (4.5 kg)
- Resume meditation/morning stretches
- Re-learn the motions I learned in weight training classes back in college (several of which are on the image you posted).
I'm hoping to achieve these goals by November and then work toward adding in more weight/body weight training.   

I've always had a big appetite, even as a skinny kid/teen/young adult.  Testosterone didn't really increase my appetite but it did have a huge impact on what foods I crave and on how they affect my body. 

I love cooking and food, which is part of why it's challenging for me to do portion control; even though the foods we make are healthy ones, I eat too much of them >.<  In the long-run, I will most likely have to take up a fairly rigorous exercise program just to be able to compensate for my appetite :D

How are you feeling about your progress with your fitness journey so far?  Do you have any specific goals that you'd like to meet?


Thank you for the link.

My goal is to carry myself. I am fairly happy with my progress. I’ve talked to my psychiatrist and was allowed to cut down on bipolar medication.

I want to be able to climb up in a canoe when I have fallen into the water. I tried two years ago. There was no chance I got up. They had to tow me back to the shore. Lol

Those meds increase hunger.  So far so good. Not had any symptoms of bipolar in two weeks, I was allowed to cut them to half the dose.

I must find foods I can bring with me at work. In my car. I eat A LOT of fast food when I’m working. Easy access. McDonald’s are everywhere.



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