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Hello everybody!


Hello everyone! I’m Katelyn, but you can call me Kate ;)
I recently discovered myself about six months ago, and I’ve conducted much research on trans people like me, and I came across the website!
My hobbies include reading, drawing, playing video games, trying on clothes, and other activities like Scratch, and, of course, Nintendo’s Kirby.
As for my transition progress, I’ve come out to my family and friends, but I’ve only really been cross dressing and I’ve got a little makeup and some girly clothes  :P
No matter what happens, I’m glad to be here!

Northern Star Girl:
Dear Katelyn:
I am glad that you followed the LINK that I gave you and that
you found your way over here to Youth Introductions to tell more
of our younger members about your arrival on Susan's Place and the Forums....
....and to tell all of us a little more about yourself.

There is lots of good and relevant information on the Youth Talk subforum
and all of the various forums on Susan's Place.

Take some time to read and reply to the various posts
and feel free to start your own topics of discussion.

Best wishes to you as you continue to be involved...


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