Author Topic: Have people thought you to be non-heterosexual male because of your femininity?  (Read 3397 times)

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Very interesting topic.  I was quite surprised when someone who worked in the same building got my home phone number and introduced thermselves and said they thought it was important for me to know they we coming out (gay male)  I didn't want to be a jerk.  I didn't want to give him any false impressions that I was interested (I wasn't) so I said something like "Well thats great... Congrats."  The person calling seemed really confused by the response and I could sense him feeling really uncomfortable so while I don't remember exactly what I said I told them something like that must be really liberating and tried to quickly end the call.  The person (Who I never knew who it was stammered out something like thanks..." and I thought how odd was it that someone would call me to say this?  With the few people brave enough (At that time) to be even slightly out I was at worst neutral but mostly just friendly and tried to not add to the hell people put them through.

If we had lesbian girls in my school they were deep in the closet.  I do remember seeing my first adult video with lesbians and thinking this was very hot and wasn't "ruined" by having men in it.  There seemed to a lot of interest in threesomes and my impression was the man in the threesome was the part that always ruined the video.  For some reason women doing "male" things like strapon sex was a turn on which makes sense to me now.

If there was even some classification (Like a test of some sort) I would always find myself in the "Really in touch with your feminine side" and I think there were times I reacted by trying to do more guy things.  Not that doing guy things were bad *Some are quite fun.  I guess I'm still learning a lot and overcoming my own confusion over predudices.  Like all me are self obsessed / horrible lovers / hostile / slobs.  I do think there has been an attraction to women with a tad more masculine behaviour and spent time with more then one who wasn't exactly "Susie Homemaker"

Thank you for sharing out.

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