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intersex and changing social role


Hi all, I'm 34 years old born with the Klinefelter syndrome and signed as male, living inside the social male gender role till now.

In december is my birthday and than I want to switch my social gender role from male to female and wanted to life as female the rest of my life.

This I wanted all of my life since I know that I'm intersexed ( my parents told me this at the age of 18 ), so that I can say I have lived as male and as female.

Are here more who switched from social gender role, and what is the easiest way to switch?

Maid Marion:
Appearance.  Primarily clothes and body shape.

Voice.  Not just pitch but how the voice is modulated.  Choice of words.

Mannerisms.   Women usually go first.  But, men are more territorial, so everyone needs to stay out of the way of a man "marking his space."

It can be hard for a female to make an opinion known in a meeting in which men are busy arguing.  A smart leader will give the females opportunities to voice their thoughts.

I wouldn't really say that I've switched.  It is more like being in the middle and choosing one side.



--- Quote from: Winterthur on September 19, 2020, 12:38:48 pm ---...Are here more who switched from social gender role, and what is the easiest way to switch?

--- End quote ---

How do  you see yourself deep inside your own mind? For many of us, we knew that we needed to be someone else. It was really a matter of how do we feel we should live the rest of our life? For myself, I felt that I never switched my gender. I did make a few surgical changes to bring my physical body in alignment with my mental self image.

The easiest way to start the process is seek psychological counselling with a therapist trained in gender issues.


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