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Weight loss for ftm

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I was wondering if any FtM has had trouble losing weight? I am pre-top surgery and I don’t feel comfortable going to a gym right now since you aren’t supposed to wear your binder while working out. I’m just wondering if I’m the only one that is having trouble losing weight or if it’s a common thing. I thought start hrt would kind of jump start the weight loss but nothing.
Any suggestions?

Maid Marion:
My GG partner watched me very carefully and concluded that I weighed less because I ate significantly less than she did.
Eat smaller portions and the weight will come down.  I intentionally cook single meals. 


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Weight loss is difficult for everyone. Just before my transition, I had to lose 120 pounds. I did this by eating a lot of vegetables and avoiding any kind of processed foods. The weigh did not come off fast. It took me about 2 years to lose the 120 pounds. This averages out to about 5 pounds a month or 1 pound a week. My weight loss was not easy, but I was driven by a deep need to transition.

Weight loss is possible but it take a lot of concentrated diet and exercise.

Hang in there and never quit, especially if you gain a few pounds.  :-X

My best weight loss tip is to stop eating sugar and stop drinking alcohol. For me, this always brings my weight down quickly. Of course it is much easier said than done:)

Walking is great exercise. That and bodyweight exercises can be done without a gym. I suggest moderate exercise, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy meals every day. Eating healthy meals, staying hydrated, and resting well will help curb cravings for junk food.

And if you are stressed then practice some stress management. Stress can make it hard to lose weight. 

Hope this helps. Good luck with your goals. Stay focused and be patient and you will reach your goals.


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