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Record of prior name changes


My parents changed my legal first name from <traditional family first name> to <first name I actually used> when I was 8 or 9.  I need a certified copy of that name change --- how would I go about getting that?  Contacting the county clerk in the county where I grew up?

So... I have no idea the actual answer, but if it were me, and I have seen how similar things worked in CA where I live, here is what I would do:

Go to the web site for the court, likely used. If you don't know which court, start with the city and search all of the courts there. Each search is fast, so it won't take that long.

The search in my jurisdiction is by date, and one can include the names of the parties involved. I have looked up civil matters by name, going back several years. Going back decades might be less fruitful.

The courts in my jurisdiction allow you to download the various filings for a small charge. If you need a certified copy, you would likely have to call the court. But at least by that point, you would have a case number, which would make that possible...


Apparently, in the distant past in the state I grew up, parents could just change the birth certificate without a court order.  So I'll just submit my current birth certificate, because there is no birth certificate with my original birth name in existence. 

That explains why I couldn't find the court case on their system despite the records going back that far.


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