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Randim Banned


The member RandiM was banned for spamming. She was advertising competing web sites to members via private messages

Someone noticed that a new member on this site had popped quickly up on a competing site so I did a search of the database looking for references to to the domain in question and her account came up.  I saw several messages like:

--- Quote ---Try [domain filtered].o_rg. Just delete the _ characters. This should make it past the filters.
--- End quote ---

We do not as a general practice search members messages, but after this instance raised suspicion of unsolicited advertising, we did a general search looking for messages mentioning the site in question.

Her account popped up and when I reviewed the synopsis the system generated of her recently sent private messages it was clear that she was the one responsible. I did even have to read the full contents of any of the messages.

Please note this search falls under administrative purposes provision of the Privacy Notifications in the TOS.

Members are welcome to participate on as many trans site as they like, but they are not permitted to advertise those other sites via the pm system on this one. Any member caught doing so will be banned for spamming.

The messages sent were totally unsolicited.


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